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Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

Co-Counsel for Interstate Child Custody Disputes Nationwide

Few areas of family law are as complex – or invite as much contention – as interstate child custody disputes. Just resolving which state can hear and decide a case can be truly complex. Although the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) was designed to provide clarity in this area of the law, the jurisdictional rules it spells out remain baffling to most otherwise capable and experienced family law attorneys.

I am attorney David A. Blumberg, and the sole focus of my practice is resolving jurisdictional issues in interstate child custody cases and enforcing one state’s custody orders in other states. I have decades of experience in family law in California, New York and Wisconsin. For more than a decade, I have focused exclusively in the area of child custody disputes. With the adoption of the UCCJEA in nearly every U.S. jurisdiction, I have further narrowed my practice to help lawyers nationwide who require co-counsel for the jurisdictional issues in their interstate child custody cases or to enforce or block enforcement of custody orders in states other than the one that issued the order.

Resources for Parents and Practitioners

During my decades in practice, I have compiled a wealth of information that I offer to family law attorneys and parents involved in child custody disputes that cross state lines. Because I handle only jurisdictional issues related to interstate child custody disputes, I have become a recognized expert in the field.

I offer extensive resources in addition to serving as co-counsel in cases where child custody orders must be made for parents who live in different states and cases where parents are seeking interstate enforcement of existing orders. These resources include:

  • Comprehensive flowcharts to help you apply the UCCJEA’s rules to the specific facts of your case.
  • Links to every state’s version of the UCCJEA in one comprehensive table.
  • A wealth of forms (both official and specially created) to address issues of custody jurisdiction and of interstate enforcement of custody orders.
  • Explanations of how the UCCJEA works when parents are in different states, whether due to simple relocation or abduction.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions regarding jurisdictional cases and enforcement cases.

With my expertise in interstate child custody cases, I am able to help family law attorneys across the United States resolve questions of jurisdiction and enforcement without the extra time most other lawyers need to “get up to speed” with the UCCJEA. I’m well “up to speed” already.

  • Some jurisdictional issues can be resolved with a brief phone call, but true disputes are seldom resolved quickly.
  • When a parent is seeking enforcement of an existing child custody order in another state, I can help achieve that enforcement – often within just two or three days.

Contact The Law Office of David A. Blumberg

From my Milwaukee area office, I serve as co-counsel for family law attorneys nationwide. To speak with me about your case or your client’s case, call toll free 877-9-UCCJEA or 414-815-0447 in Wisconsin. You can also send me an email.



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