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UCCJEA Forms from States Outside of Wisconsin

All the forms shown below are official, court-approved forms for the states indicated. Some of the forms are available in Interactive Adobe Acrobat format that can be completed and printed out on line. Others must be printed out or downloaded in blank. The interactive forms are indicated with a F-PDF symbol. Non-interactive forms are indicated either with a PDF or a DOC symbol.

UCCJEA Affidavit (Model Act §209/ Wis.Stats.§822.29)

Temporary Emergency Orders (Model Act§204/ Wis.Stats.§822.24)

Registration of Other State's Custody Determination (Model Act §305 / Wis Stats §822.35)
- Requests for & Notices of Registration

Objections to Registration(Model Act §305 / Wis Stats §822.35)

Expedited Enforcement (Model Act §308 & 311 / Wis Stats §822.38 & .41)

Modification (Model Act §202/203 / Wis Stats §822.22 & .23)

  • Oregon
    Ex Parte Motion for Order to Show Cause for Modification (Form MotionPDF


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