Jurisdictional Cases FAQS

1. What do you charge?

In most matters, our fees are hourly, or sometimes we handle a matter for a specific sum.

2. Do I get charged for my first consultation?

Most brief consultations are free. If there is a charge, we’ll let you know up front.

3. Can I call on someone else’s behalf (e.g., a family member?)

Yes. In fact, it’s often a concerned family member who calls.

4. Is everything I tell you confidential?

The moment we start listening, our duty of confidentiality begins.

5. What if I live far away from your office or I’m not able to come in for an appointment?

No problem! Many of our clients live outside of Wisconsin. If that’s your situation, most of our contacts can be by phone, fax, e-mail and regular mail.

6. What if I don’t have all of the documentation you need?

It’s best not to wait. Most custody jurisdiction and custody enforcement cases are very time-sensitive. We can either help you obtain what we’ll need to see or use our resources to get it.

7. What if my case isn’t one of your listed specialty areas?

Our practice is extremely limited, and we don’t pretend to handle everything. If your case is outside our areas of expertise, we can usually refer you to qualified lawyers who can advise you and handle your case.

8. What if the result of your work means that my custody case will be tried in Wisconsin? Will you go on to handle that part of the case?

We only handle the jurisdictional dispute in your case, and that is usually the very first part of your case. If the result of that jurisdictional dispute is that the case is to be tried and decided in Wisconsin, you will need another family law attorney to handle that trial and all other aspects of your case. For that reason, we almost always enter your case either as co-counsel with or as a consultant to your regular family law attorney. We carefully coordinate our jurisdictional work with your regular lawyer’s work on your behalf. Once the jurisdiction issues are resolved, our work on your behalf ends. Your regular lawyer handles the merits of your case from then on.

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