Wisconsin Co-Counsel for Custody Jurisdiction Cases

As a family law attorney, you handle complex and emotionally charged situations every day. You have spent your career acquiring experience with the nuances of state laws that govern divorce and separation, including critical issues of child custody, placement and visitation.

For even the most experienced lawyers, however, the jurisdictional complexities of interstate child custody cases can seem novel, perplexing and confusing. In my practice, I focus exclusively on addressing those jurisdictional issues. And because those issues are governed by the same Uniform Law in every state but Massachusetts, my expertise can be of help to family lawyers throughout the United States. Establishing jurisdiction in interstate custody cases is an essential first step, and I have the legal expertise and real-world experience to help other lawyers in this highly technical area of the law.

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Why Seek Co-Counsel to Resolve Jurisdictional Questions in Your Client’s Case?

Because a family judge cannot issue child custody orders until his or her court has jurisdiction to decide the child’s custody, it is indispensable that custody jurisdiction be established or resolved as quickly as possible.

My firm handles interstate child custody jurisdiction and enforcement cases exclusively. As a result, I have extensive familiarity with how the UCCJEA is applied in every jurisdiction that has adopted it (as of today, every state except Massachusetts, plus the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam). By retaining my services, you will have access to the advice and counsel of one of the most experienced lawyers in the country practicing in this discrete area of the law.

I also maintain a clear separation between the specialized services provided by me and the general representation provided by my co-counsel (you) to your clients. I work quickly and efficiently to help you establish jurisdiction in your client’s favor. Once the jurisdictional issues are resolved and properly documented, I then withdraw from the case, so that you – the client’s general family law attorney – can move on to address the substantive issues of child custody and any other issues in the case.

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