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I am attorney David A. Blumberg. During my over 40 years of practicing law, I have gained extensive experience in complex family law cases and become a nationally recognized expert in interstate child custody jurisdiction.

Having practiced for decades as a family law attorney, I recognize the importance of quickly resolving jurisdictional issues in interstate child custody disputes as well as enforcing out-of-state custody orders. I offer the expertise necessary to help parents do just that.

I went to law school at the University of Southern California and during my decades as an attorney have practiced in California, New York and Wisconsin. In addition to serving as co-counsel in jurisdiction cases and representing parents directly in enforcement cases , I regularly teach continuing legal education courses to judges, court commissioners and other lawyers and lecture on topics in interstate child custody law.

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To discuss your case or your client’s case, contact my office by email or call me toll free at 877-9-UCCJEA or 414-815-0447 in Wisconsin.


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