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UCCJEA Flowcharts for Your State

Accurate, Efficient Reference Guides for a Complex Area of Law

The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) has been adopted in 49 states, as well as the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam. The way the UCCJEA is applied in real-life cases, however, can vary from state to state.

To better serve legal professionals across the United States, I have created easy-to-understand flowcharts that enable lawyers and judges to quickly answer the crucial question, "Can my court lawfully make a custody order for this child?"

Family court judges and lawyers nationwide benefit from these visual tools. With them, they can quickly and successfully navigate through a UCCJEA analysis one step at a time, without having to wade through the often-confusing language of this complex law or even having to figure out how its 38 separate sections interrelate and affect each other.

I have personally developed these flowcharts and other valuable UCCJEA resources as a way to give judges and lawyers alike the benefit of my years of experience in this highly technical area of family law.

Thus far, these helpful flowcharts are available in four versions - one that's designed specifically for Ohio; one that is designed specifically for Iowa; and a generic version that's keyed to the model UCCJEA but hasn't been customized for any specific state. Both the Wisconsin and Ohio versions have been approved by those states' Supreme Courts for use by trial judges throughout those states. The Iowa flowcharts have been approved by Iowa's State Bar Association and are being considered for approval by the Iowa Courts. All of these flowcharts work well. However, the state-specific charts are easier to use than the generic version, and the results they yield require no double-checking against the specific provisions of their state's law.

Contact me via email or call toll free at 877-9-UCCJEA, if your bar association or state courts would like me to develop a set of UCCJEA flowcharts that is customized for your state and keyed to your state's version of the UCCJEA.


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