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Areas of Expertise

Attorney David A. Blumberg limits his practice to just two closely related areas:

Interstate Child Custody Jurisdiction Cases

Resolving which state's courts can and should decide a child custody case. To better understand what these cases are all about, visit our page devoted to Understanding Custody Jurisdiction and the UCCJEA.

Interstate Enforcement of Child Custody Orders

Enforcing custody/visitation orders across state lines or recovering children abducted from another state ... or defending against such enforcement efforts.

To better understand what these cases are all about, visit our page on enforcing child custody orders.

Other Areas

There are no other areas. After decades of handling divorce, paternity and custody cases for hundreds of clients in different states, Attorney Blumberg now limits his practice to interstate child custody jurisdiction and enforcement cases. That's all he handles now, although he will still accept occasional court appointments to represent the best interests of children as a guardian ad litem in their parents' custody cases.


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